You're In!

You’ve passed our quick but thorough hiring process. You’ve signed the contract. And now, we’re a match! Congratulations and welcome to Even. We want to make your experience here enjoyable and meaningful. We understand new employee jitters because we were once here too. So help us and help you.

A week before joining Even

Rishabh Chaudhary, from our Operations team, will set up your Even email and Slack account so we can add you to relevant channels and groups.

The weekend before your first day

You’ve met us in the capacity of an interviewer, either on a video call or in person. Now we’d like you to meet us as your friends and colleagues. We’ll set up a coffee date on a weekend before you join us officially, so we can get to know each other even better.

Your first day at Even

Ira Banerjee, from our Operations team, will help you settle in and quickly take you through our company progress thus far. Feel free to have a one-on-one discussion with any one of us to ask questions or just have a chat about the weather or good places to eat, etc.


It’s an Even ritual to have the new team member decide our evening snacks on their first day. Surprise us or shock us. This will determine whether we ever take restaurant recommendations from you. Just putting it out there.

Your first week at Even

We don’t want to overwhelm you with information on your first day. You will have a week to catch up on progress across departments on our Notion growth board. We will set up quick meetings and calls periodically so we can discuss any questions you may have.

Your trial period at Even

Even follows a 3-month trial period for all employees. It allows you and us to see if we are a good fit for each other.

We have a thorough hiring process to ensure all of us know what we’re getting into. At the same time, no process is perfect and we believe that if either party thinks Even isn’t the best fit, it's a failure of our hiring process, not the person we hired.

So, if you end up leaving during your trial period, we will pay for one month's salary, in addition to having a week of notice. This is regardless of whether you decide to leave us or whether we think it’s best to part ways.

After the trial period, our standard notice period is 3 months. In practice, if Even is not right for you and you have already found a new opportunity, we'll work with you to shorten the notice period.