Raunak Jha


Title @Even: Financial, Risk and Strategic Advisor

A little bit about me:

I have 16 years of insurance experience where I led Actuarial, Risk Management, Data Science, Audit and Compliance for top insurance players in India. I was the Appointed Actuary and Chief Risk Officer for Cigna TTK, Magma HDI and Reliance Health (where I was also a founding member). I currently also serve as the council member at the Institute of Actuaries of India.

As a Board Advisor, I will guide Even’s underwriting philosophy, manage financial health and supervise early product development to offer our users the best and the most comprehensive healthcare plan, which has been missing in India so far.

When I am not looking at mathematical models to assess financial risks, I spend my time with my kids (age 6 and 9) playing pretend games, building a dollhouse, and refereeing their pillow fights. Working on new ideas, making sense of all the little questions in life and being a proactive team player brings me great joy.