Ale Ialongo


Title @Even: Co-founder & CTO

A little bit about me:

While getting my academic start in philosophy, I quickly realised my mistake and jumped on the Machine Learning (ML) bandwagon in 2013, before it was cool. From then on I worked on ML for neuroscience, applied it in the real world at a London startup and started a PhD in the same field at the University of Cambridge and the Max Planck Institute. During the PhD though, I got tired of tuning models to extract an extra percentage point of accuracy on the problems that had no real-world impact.

That’s when I started talking with Mati and Mayank about what is now Even. I wanted to work on meaningful, complex problems, using data and a mathematical approach, and few problems are more meaningful and complex than the lack of healthcare cover in India.

When I’m not tuning models or pretending to understand complicated maths, you will probably find me near the sea, scuba diving or falling off a windsurf.