Our Hiring Process

What does the normal hiring process look like?

For most roles, this would be a normal process:

  1. 1st call with the initial contact
    • This is most likely the person who reached out to you or the person running the hiring process for the role.
    • This step is really just a "get to know you" chat and to find out why you applied. We clearly liked your CV and application form and want to know more about you, as well as give you a chance to learn about Even.
  2. 2nd call with the person to whom you’ll be directly reporting
    • Here the conversation becomes more focussed on the role you actually applied for and the kind of work you might end up doing. It can be a technical/coding interview.
  3. Project outside of working hours to reflect the kind of role you will be doing
    • If you’re at this point, we’re genuinely excited by the possibility of working with you. At the same time, we believe the best way to get to know how someone works is to actually work with them.
    • We’ll work with you to find a short project/task that would be reflective of the kind of work you would be doing at Even. The timeline for this would be flexible and we’d work around your schedule.
  4. 3rd call with the person who leads their function
    • Given we’re such an early team, this might just be a call with the same person in call 2. But, this call is likely to be a bit more around the logistics of how we could work together and how to make sure you get everything you want out of your time at Even.
  5. 4th call with the Even co-founders
    • If you're at this stage, then things are going well. This is a chance for you to get to know the founders and for us to really understand what makes you happy at work.
  6. Team lunch / offer
    • This is really just us giving you a taste of what the culture is like at Even. In most cases, you can expect a formal offer the same day.

We reply to every single application

If you apply to Even, we’ll make sure we get back to you within 3 working days with the next steps.

To be fair to everyone that applies, we try to give every single application feedback. The amount of feedback we’re able to give is based on how much effort you put into your application in the first place.

If you send us just a CV

  • We’ll send you an email with the next steps but unfortunately we won’t be able to send you tailored feedback.

If you send us a cover letter

  • We’ll send you an email with next steps and if it isn’t a fit, we’ll still send you tailored feedback as to why we didn’t move forward.

If you do a call with someone from the Even team

  • We’ll try and fit in our entire application process into a three week window, not including the time you might need for the short project or task.
  • If we end up not working together, we’ll offer to do a call to run you through why we couldn’t work together this time and see if there is any way we might be able to help you with your next move.