Benefits, Days off, Expenses & Reimbursements


As we’re still an early-stage startup, when it comes to things like perks, we’re still figuring it out. Here are some examples of what you can expect:

Health coverage

What kind of a healthtech company would we be, if we didn’t take care of our team’s wellbeing? If you join us, you get an Even Plus membership. When you continue to make Even better for members, you also make it better for yourself.

Personal growth

One of our key goals at Even is to create an environment where we’re always trying to improve. Ideally, this isn’t just restricted to your professional life.

Once your compatibility period ends, we will cover, up to 50K annually, the cost of something you always wanted to do or learn. This could be something as simple as quitting smoking, joining a gym, learning a new language or instrument, subscribing to podcasts, newsletters etc. Either way, if you want to do it, we will support you. Tell us what you want your life to look like and we’ll help you get there.

Get those dance lessons so your dream of dancing like SRK can finally come true. (We know that Hrithik Roshan is a bit of a stretch).

Days Off

If you join Even, you have unlimited leaves. You may need time off for different personal reasons and that is entirely your call.

We also have 8 Public holidays for the year and 6 months time off for adoption, maternity and paternity .

Since we are a healthcare provider, some of our hires (such as member support, hospital site support, and business development partners etc) may need to work on holidays in rotation. We know that sucks, and for this, we will offer additional compensation and ensure that you take the necessary days off to recuperate from the extra working hours.

If the leave is planned, please inform your manager and activate a vacation responder on your email and Google calendar so everyone in the team knows you’re away. If you have to attend to an emergency, just drop a text to any one of us.

If you are feeling sick, please go home and let your manager know you are sick as soon as you can. Make sure you record your sick days on the Even calendar when you are able to resume work.

Go to the doctor if you need to. We want to know if there is anything that we can do to help.

Expenses & Reimbursements

We don't have a formal expense policy. Just do what you think is in Even's best interest. Large expenses will need to be justified with this in mind. We don’t want you to hesitate while making a one-off expense or a recurring one but if you ever feel conflicted about it, just reach out to us and we’ll put your mind at ease.

We are also happy to cover any premeditated recurring expenses such as a safe and comfortable commute during pregnancy. We will pay for these in advance on the first day of every month for your convenience.

Please log in your monthly spends on our expense tool so our Finance team can make necessary calculations before payday.