App Engineer

Hospitals generate some of the world's richest and most sensitive data. This is often unstructured, siloed and fragmented. Our engineering mission is to give our users transparent, comprehensive access to their medical data by integrating directly with hospitals and diagnostics labs and building beautiful, intuitive user interfaces.

You will be developing Even's mobile app. You'll be the focal point of the engineering team, liaising with design and product on one side and backend on the other.

What you will do:

  • Lead app development from scratch for our consumer facing app
  • Integrating with the backend
    • User medical record viewing
    • Booking system
    • Payments
    • In-hospital membership verification
  • More senior candidates: managing the mobile dev team as it grows

What you will need:

  • Experience building highly interactive and responsive mobile apps
  • Experience on app fundamentals (lifecycle, testability, performance, telemetry, diagnostics, power/CPU/memory consumption)
  • Proficient in Flutter
  • Some knowledge of React is welcome
  • Some knowledge of Golang is welcome

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Where to apply?

Drop us an email at jobs@even.in and our talent team will reach out to you.