Primary Care Physician

What we're looking for

Given we are a healthcare company, this is critical part of the team.

You’ll be our member’s first point of contact with Even and our hospital partners. As such, you’ll be driving any interventions we make for managing the health of our members.

This is a role where the scope will start off in making sure our early cohorts of Even members are healthy, before then finding ways Even and our hospital partners can keep them that way.

If that sounds like a problem statement you’d be interested in, we’d love to speak to you!


  • Respond to patients' medical/health problems by referring to their history and carrying out diagnosis, investigation, treatment and referral as appropriate
  • Liaise with medical professionals in the community and hospital partners
  • Promote health education in conjunction with other health professionals
  • Organise preventative medical programmes for individual patients
  • Provide specialist clinics for specific conditions or for certain groups, e.g. diabetes etc.
  • Carry out a range of administrative work, including signing repeat prescriptions, death certificates and fitness for work statements, as well as preparing letters and reports

What you will need

  • 3-6 years of clinical experience as a qualified medical practitioner, ideally with an MD.

About Us

We’re Even and we’re on a mission to build a new kind of health cover. One that puts doctors and patients first, not insurers.

We're partnering with the best hospitals in India to give patients hospital cover: unlimited, cashless access to consultations, diagnostics and tertiary care.

Our guiding principle is: if the doctor says it's needed, it's covered.

The goal is ambitious, to build India's best option for health cover. If we are successful, we will be affecting millions of lives and creating a phenomenally valuable company. We have financial support from some of the best investors in the world (Khosla Ventures, Founders Fund, Nikesh Arora (former COO of Google and Softbank))  and successful entrepreneurs such as Kunal Shah and Nithin Kamath.

To have a chance of pulling this off, we’re going to need incredible people and, together, form an unstoppable team. 

Get in touch with us if you think you’re a great fit for the role.