Head of Product

What is Even?

Even is a healthtech company working on a mission of changing the business model of healthcare in India by putting doctors and patients first. We’ve partnered with the top hospitals in India to offer unlimited OPD and hospitalisation to our members. Our goal is to build a healthcare provider that doesn't lose sleep or money when you need it to use it less. One that is obsessed with keeping you healthy and knows that prevention is better than cure. The goal is ambitious and not an easy one, to say the least.

We are backed by investors like Khosla Ventures and Founders Fund, have raised $20m and are looking for our first product hire.

What will the Head of Product solve at Even?

They will have the onus of driving and prioritising the product roadmap with inputs from our internal teams, members, and external partners. The core areas will be around building -

  • Onboarding and payment flow
  • Tele-consultation, diagnostics platform and EMR
  • OPD and IPD flow for members and partner hospitals
  • Retention - a big part of which would be managed care
  • Growth - can we build a referral program and put product led growth at our core?
  • Insurance - how do we simplify a messy industry for consumers whilst still giving the right product that works for their budget?

What does success look like in this role?

Simply put, someone who can do the job themselves. They have built 0-1 B2C product journeys with ruthless prioritisation.

While it will be good to have someone great at strategy, we will need someone comfortable with operations as well to make things happen initially. Ability to identify root causes. Breaks the larger organisation product strategy into smaller pieces required for execution.

This is someone who has worked with tech leadership on large infrastructures and decisions with always leveraging data. Comfortable to pivot quickly basis priorities. Someone who can work towards the product by marrying data with deep user empathy. Users are their North Star, always.

Does this sound exciting?

Write to ashish@even.in