Holiday and Sick Leave


How many days can I take off?

We want you to take at least 15 working days off per year. This is in addition to any public holidays. We have no upper limit but again, try to think of your team when booking your leave.

What public holidays do I have?

Here's the list of Public Holidays for 2021.

How do I book time off?

In the beginning, when we are still a small team, you can inform your reporting manager/team head (if you have one) or one of the co-founders (if you don’t) in person and then on email about your time off.

If the leave is planned, you should activate a vacation responder on your email and Google calendar so everyone in the team knows you’re away. If you have to attend to an emergency, just drop a text to anyone of us.

Sick Leave

If you are feeling sick, please go home and let your manager know you are sick as soon as you can. Make sure you record your sick days on the Even calendar when you are able to resume work.

Go to the doctor if you need to. We want to know if there is anything that we can do to help.